Wednesday 17 November 2010

Compiling ABGX360 on a Seagate Dockstar

This is a really useful app and wanted to install it on my dockstar, after some digging i found out it can be compiled successfully and it works great.  I've created a script which installs the required pre-requisites and then compiles the program and creates a hidden folder under /root called .abgx360 and moves the file there.  The script can be downloaded and run by running the following

cd /tmp
wget ""
chmod +x

The packages i found i required were


If anyone knows different I'd love to hear from you as i like to keep the number of packages i have installed on the box to a minimum.  I plan on creating a post download script for sabnzbd to invoke abgx360 if i get time as it would be handy to have a report created in the directory automatically.  I'll post this as soon as i get around to it.

Installing episode butler and sabnzbd on the Seagate Dockstar.

As i've mentioned i've gotten myself a nice Dockstar with the intention of running sabnzbd as well as episode butler.  I currently have a WHS running which works well but i've always been concerned about power usage even if it is an Atom board so have decided to go the ultra low power route which i don't mind running constantly.

I've had to rebuild the dockstar a few times so thought i'd create a script to make life much easier.  I'm assuming that you've followed the excellent guide from Jeff at link i've used this a few times now and it's worked excellently.  The only thing which caught me out was forgetting to set the boot partition as active.

Anyway down to the interesting stuff, if you run the following commands on your newly setup debian dockstar you will end up with a vanila install of sabnzbd as well as episode butler.

cd /tmp
wget ""
chmod +x

This will download the script from my website and carry out the installation.  Sabnzbd is installed from the apt packages but episode butler is a download from their site directly and unpacked and moved to the right location.  Java and a few other necessary packages are installed so the script will take a while.

I've done my best to ensure it's all ok and working  but use at your own risk!!  Any suggestions or modifications are much appreciated.

Good Luck :) 

Monday 15 November 2010


Just got myself a lovely dockstar courtesy of a friend in the states for a mere £22 which is bargain to say the least.

I've installed it once already and had it working pretty nicely but knocked the power lead twice in a row causing the newly setup debian install to refuse to boot any longer :(

Still at least there are some positives, i've decided to document the install to get it up and running with sabnzbd and episode butler which are the two main things i plan to run and sure a lot of people are planning the same also.

Friday 4 June 2010

WHS update

Well it's been somewhile since my last post but found that managing a full time job and being a new Dad is quite a task and take up the majority of my time these days !!

Getting a bit more free time though so i've splashed out on a PC-Q08 case for a much needed upgrade and plan to do it this weekend so shall post some pics and a write up of how i find the case.  Watch this space :)

Wednesday 3 March 2010

DVBLink Dreambox v2

Playing catchup at the moment with the latest releases as i'm now a Dad !!  Little baby adam was born on the 13th Feb at 4:12 and mum and baby are doing well.

I plan to upgrade to V2 of DVBlink Dreambox and also install the network pack at the same time, i'm moving these to my WHS so all the machines in the house can access the tuners so fingers crossed it all goes ok !