Thursday 18 February 2021

Epever RS485 to wifi adaptor v1.5 released!!

Well it's been quite some time has passed but I've finally got around to finishing this up and have now released the devices on Tindie and my own personal store.

I have setup a discord server to discuss the board and if people have any feature requests or other feedback they are more than welcome.  Discord Link

This is the latest release and represents a shift from the passthrough method to a new style of the ESP8266 extracting the data which is viewable locally but then is also possible to post this to an MQTT broker or influxdb database.


For flashing i would recommend using the application esphome-flasher which is a great tool for writing the firmware and it has a version for most OS's.  It can be downloaded from Link

The firmware is available from Link

I have created a 3D printable case which is on thingiverse.  It's a snug fit but once it's in there it won't shift and the RJ45 socket ends up nice and flush with the case. You can download it at the following Link

Purchase link for website

Purchase link for Tindie