Wednesday 17 November 2010

Compiling ABGX360 on a Seagate Dockstar

This is a really useful app and wanted to install it on my dockstar, after some digging i found out it can be compiled successfully and it works great.  I've created a script which installs the required pre-requisites and then compiles the program and creates a hidden folder under /root called .abgx360 and moves the file there.  The script can be downloaded and run by running the following

cd /tmp
wget ""
chmod +x

The packages i found i required were


If anyone knows different I'd love to hear from you as i like to keep the number of packages i have installed on the box to a minimum.  I plan on creating a post download script for sabnzbd to invoke abgx360 if i get time as it would be handy to have a report created in the directory automatically.  I'll post this as soon as i get around to it.

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