Thursday 23 May 2019

Setting up your RS485 to Wifi Adaptor

How to get started with your RS485 to Wifi adaptor

You shall need to use a standard RJ45 network cable, make sure it's not a crossover.

Once it's connected you shall need to connect and configure your WiFi so the adaptor can connect to your network.  I am using my phone and on searching for networks you shall see a new network beginning with ESP : -

On connecting to the network you shall have to open a browser and manually enter the ip address http:/ note on most devices you won't need to enter the http://

Once connected you shall see the connection screen which details the IP address of the connected network.

We have no connected network so the address is

To configure your network you shall need to select your network and then input your WiFi password.  The device shall then connect to your network and when you go to the main page you should see the IP address your device has been given.
Your device is now configured for your wireless network and you can connect to it via an application such as or socat if using linux.

Tuesday 23 April 2019

I'm back and starting to pull my powerwall back again.

I've been experiencing some issues as i foolishly shut it all down completely over the winter but there must have been some parasitic draw from a device and it get extremely low and i have resurrected it however one cell is low and has been getting to around 2v during the night so the powerwall is going to be pulled down and rebuilt i think, going for a different design this time.

I previously used Paul Kennets design which was a 24p packs which were then put in parallel with 3 other packs to create a 96p pack however this has a lot of interconnects so i think going for big 80p packs as many others have done shall be the best way forward.  To do this however i will need to strip all the cells out and retest everything and leave them for a few weeks to test for self discharge and then use repackr to assemble.

That is a lot of work!!!