Thursday, 3 December 2009

Bedroom HTPC

Well this weekend saw a reprisal of a WMC pc in the bedroom with the delivery of a Acer Revo Aspire 3610.  This is the first new PC i've invested in for quite some time and a change from building my own in that it's a pre-built system, bar the OS.  I have to say first impressions are that i've very impressed !  The noise from it is non existent and when setup correctly it's pretty damn quick and well upto the job of showing hidef content.  The specs of the machine are

Acer Aspire Revo 3610
1Gb of Ram
Atom 330 Dual Core Processor

I've loaded Windows 7 on and even with the RAM it has it's performing brilliantly.

I got my box from

First time i've used these guys but they delivery extremely quickly and were pretty cheap at £170 inc delivery with no doubts as to the actual process like on some sites.  Unfortunatly seems like they've sold out now though!

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